Summer is still here.

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Get out there and enjoy this magnificent park!

fishing derby at FearingSeptember's highlight is our annual family friendly fishing derby at Fearing Pond on September 27th. Visit our Meetup site for more info on Friends sponsored events.

Other Friends' events include a group trip to the Berkshires' Mount Greylock and other sites this coming weekend (9/5). We will have a trail work party on Saturday September 13th. We could use your help to untangle some fishing equipment on the 14th. Our Thursday morning hikes and Sunday dog hikes (dog or sans dog) continue. Check the full listings on Meetup. Join us!

Be sure to send in your best photos to our photo contest. Details in the photo contest flyer at right. Deadline for entries is September 14th. Official entry form is here.

Salvi's Eye View of MSSF black racer"The speed limit in MSSF is 25mph. If you need a reason to heed that law, remember this photo".

Red Pine Harvest update- Status – June 26, 2014-- Due to low market demand for red pine products in the summer months the Pine Barrens Restoration Timber Harvest is temporarily on hold. Cutting operations will begin again sometime in late fall/ early winter. To date, approximately 147 acres have been cut, representing 30% of the project. Check back in the fall for an update on the resumption of cutting operations.Link to DCR's red pine harvest updates. red pine harvest

Thanks to everyone who attended our Annual Meeting and Dinner on May 21st. New directors Stan Strauss, Charley Pye and Allen Wood were elected to join the Friends Board. DCR South Region Interpreter extraordinaire Amy Nelson gave us a great tour of the many wonderful parks available to us.

Tick bite you while you visited MSSF? URI's is a great site for everything A-Z about ticks, tick bites and bite prevention including the use of permethrin, which is effective in killing ticks. (It must be applied to clothing, not directly on skin.)

If you did get a bite, UMass is offering free tick testing this year for 32 Massachusetts towns and cities, including 15 on the Cape, that participated in a state innovation challenge grant put together by the Tick Borne Disease Network. Visit for more info on testing. After you register online, all you have to do is send your tick in a plastic ziplock baggie to UMass. (They ask that you not wrap it in tape.) The results take about a week.

Unfortunately, neither Carver nor Plymouth participated in this year's Community Innovation Challenge grant program. If you come from a non-participating town, you can still get your tick tested for $50 for Lyme, Basesiosis and Anaplasmosis at the UMass Laboratory of Medical Zoology. We suggest you call your town's health department and suggest they try to get included in the free testing program next year.

It's not too late to take the challenging spring plants quiz from our friend Irina Kadis

Park Serve Day crewPark Serve Day took place on April 26th. About 30 people helped out. Some worked to clear brush and fallen logs from the Friends Trail (starts off the bike path near the East Entrance) while others planted flowers (picture above) and pulled out some dead trees at the park headquarters.

The annual Woodcock Walk was rescheduled to Saturday, April 5th. We gathered around a cheerful campfire at the amphitheater and then headed over to Cutter Field Road for flight of the woodcocks. Impromptu star-gazing on a crystal clear night was thrilling.

Camping season opened May 16th this year at the four Myles Standish State Forest campgrounds. Get your reservations now at ReserveAmerica. Reservations are available six months in advance. There are four main campgrounds at Myles Standish--

  • Charge Pond is the biggest. The camping areas are actually a little removed from Charge Pond, which has a nice swimming beach. One of the camping areas is dedicated for equestrians.
  • Fearing Pond campsites are shadier and overlook Fearing Pond directly. Fearing also hosts many little primitive cabins without electricity or running water (they use hand pumps!), also called "camps", which were established in the 20's and 30's in the forest. (More info on the primitive camps.) One was used in a Robert Downey Jr. film due out this year ("The Judge"). Fearing Pond is stocked with trout every fall for our free family fishing derby.
  • The Barrett Pond campground is less than a five minute walk to forest headquarters down the bike path and all the interpretive activities offered for kids in the summer. The pond has a nice swimming area (unguarded) and there are are a lot of (unmarked) hiking trails in the area.
  • Curlew Pond is on the northwest end of the forest, and is closest to downtown Plymouth attractions. (Plymouth is easily reachable by bicycle on low traffic roads.) Many folks love Curlew and it regularly books out year after year. It boasted a brand new comfort station in 2013.

We are sad to note the recent passing of two individuals who made contributions to our knowledge and appreciation of the forest.

  • DickRichard Dickie Curtis was a MSSF interpreter for the last three seasons and led many summer activities for children. We enjoyed many "Off the Beaten Path" hikes with Dick.
  • Eugene Winter was coordinator of the Robbins Museum of Archeology and spoke to the Friends in February 2008.

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Visit the Friends of Myles Standish State Forest group for a listing of all our upcoming hikes, birding events and other activities.

The Friends' September Board meeting will take place September 3rd. (We usually meet the first Wednesday of every month.) Are you someone who regularly camps, bicycles, rides horses, skis or snowshoes or kayaks in the State Forest? Our group needs more input from all legitimate forest users. Currently, we have hikers, wildlife observers, hunters/fishers and cottage owners. You are welcome to attend our next Board meeting. (More info.)

The red pine harvest has started in an area off Lower College Pond Road and Bare Hill Road. Feller buncherWith 576 acres to be cut, roads may be be closed to parts of the park while the harvest proceeds. View PDF map of the harvest area.(Visit the DCR website for updates.)

A major DOT road improvement project has also started in the park. The roads to be repaved include Halfway Pond Road, a portion of Upper College Pond Road (below Circuit Drive), Bare Hill Road and Fearing Pond Road. Roads may be closed. Please call the HQ at 508-866-2526 for the latest info.


Wildflower in MSSF- full size

"Swans" by Steve Nikola-- 1st Prize Fauna (East Head Reservoir) (Full size)

2013 Photo Contest Winners

(2014 contest is open now. Email your entries to (Please include name, address, date and location of photo, category. Printable entry form is here.)
Sunrise on Three Cornered Pond at MSSF
Sunrise by Steve Nikola (view of Three Cornered Pond)- 1st Prize Landscape (Full size photo)
MSSF swimmers photo
Summertime by Malay Kundu- 1st Prize Recreation - Fearing Pond(Full size photo)

Flower along the Bentley Loop by Adrian Hayter- 1st Prize Flora (Full size photo)

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Botanical Club by Nancy Eyster-Smith- 1st Prize- Memorable Events (frost pocket near Priscilla Road) (Full size photo)