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The spring plant quiz is here. Arnold Arboretum naturalist and longtime FMSSF member Irina Kadis is leading a plant walk on April 12th. Sign up.

sunbathing hikers in MSSF border=hikers enjoy march sun We're getting ready for spring.

As of April 2nd, the parking lots along Upper College Pond Road and at the headquarters are completely clear. The East Entrance parking lot along Long Pond Road is mostly cleared. The roads to Camp Squanto and Camp Cachalot are open and parking is available along Cutterfield Road. Bare Hill Road, Lower College Pond and Snake Hill Road remain closed to traffic. The fire roads are packed down with snow and are generally walkable with boots. Pockets of deep snow may still be encountered on trails. The bike trails remain covered with snow in many places and debris has not been cleared.

A newly published MSSF trails map offers many exciting areas to visit. Find out more.trails map

First Day hike

51 Friends of Myles Standish State Forest joined us on New Year's morning to walk the newly reblazed Friends Trail. The 3.3 mile trail starts across the street from the parking lot at the park's main Plymouth entrance along Long Pond Road. It follows the bike path for less than half a mile before turning off into the woods. (Get a trail map.)

September's highlight was our 8th Annual Family Friendly Fishing derby at Fearing Pond. kid castingderby prizewinner

A magnificent day brought hundreds of entrants trying to catch the just-stocked trout in Fearing Pond. Visit our Meetup site photo album for 80 photos of the 2014 Fishing Derby.

We received 67 entries to this year's photo contest. View the prize winners here.

Other Friends' events included a group trip to the Berkshires' Mount Greylock. We held several trail work parties this fall, clearing the trails of deadfall and cutting back growth and another after Thanksgiving with the help of local students made progress brushing back the growth along part of the Bentley Loop.

Our Thursday morning hikes and Sunday dog hikes (hikers are welcome with or without a dog) continue. Check out the upcoming listings on Meetup. Join us!dog hikers

According to this 2014 article from the Star Tribune (Minnesota) , "Massachusetts has nation's toughest ATV law." In a recent presentation to the DCR Stewardship Council by an Environmental Police Officer, Plymouth and Carver were shown to be the leading sources (#1 and #2) of calls to the Massachusetts Environmental Police with complaints about illegal riding. Your calls have been noticed and the many visits of EPO's to MSSF over the fall were credited to the calls. (Numbers for reporting OHV's in the park)

On December 31st, deer hunting season ended. All trails are open. Visitors are reminded that there are other hunting seasons during the year. Check the Massachusetts DFW hunting summary. As always, there is NO HUNTING ON SUNDAYS


Visit the Friends of Myles Standish State Forest group for a listing of all our upcoming hikes, birding events and other activities.

The Friends' April Board meeting will take place Wednesday April 8th at 7PM. (We usually meet the first Wednesday of every month in the "barn" up the road from forest headquarters.) Are you someone who regularly camps, bicycles, rides horses, skis or snowshoes or kayaks in the State Forest? Our group needs more input from all legitimate forest users. Currently, we have hikers, wildlife observers, hunters/fishers and cottage owners. You are welcome to attend our next Board meeting.(More info.)

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Please join us. Your contribution helps the Friends pay for our free family fishing derby, trail maintenance and the many other programs we run for the benefit of the Forest and its users.

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Annual membership is only $10 for an individual. More details about membership are available on our Membership page You can mail your contribution or use the green PayPal button below to join online.

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The Friends have been selling hats this fall.If you are interested in buying a Friends hat for $20, please send an email to "". We are going to place another order soon.

Visit the Friends of Myles Standish State Forest group for a listing of all our upcoming hikes, birding events and other activities.