Friends of Myles Standish State Forest

2015 Photo Contest Winners




Friends photo contest
2016 Friends of Myles Standish State Forest photo contest. 2016 Entry form
Anisota Virginiensis
Anisota Virginiensis. Photo by Connie Johnson
canoeists in MSSF
Canoe Fog. Photo by Jen Montgomery
Carolina Saddlebags. Photo by Harry Abraham
damselfly in MSSF
Damselfly with prey. Photo by Harry Abraham.
pond fun in MSSF
Fun. Photo by Kathy O'Donnell.
A Great Blue Heron. Photo by Lisa Meeks.
Kids behind trees. Photo by Jen Montgomery.
monarch in MSSF
Monarch. Photo by Steve Nikola.
night sky in MSSF
The Minutes Before Dawn- night sky at Charge Pond in MSSF. Photo by James Perilli.
slaty skimmer
Slaty Skimmer. Photo by Harry Abraham.
Plymouth Gentian
Small flower (Plymouth Gentian). Photo by Keith Henry.
water striders in MSSF
Water Striders. Photo by Ted Stevens.
winter deer in MSSF
Majestic Winter Deer. Photo by Steve Nikola.