Friends of Myles Standish State Forest's

1st Annual Photography Contest Winners

First Place Plant



East Head Reservoir

by Sam Gregory


Judges' comments:

'East Head Reservoir' Exquisite composition showing the hardy waterlily forever a jewel of perfection perfuming our lives.

The maker, through impeccable composition, was able to make a most common subject into anuncommonly good photo.

First Place Animal


Nature╩╝s Lace

Scott Coogan

First Place Landscape

mssf scene

September Drizzle

Alexey Zinovjev

First Place Recreation

man & dog at pond

Best Friends Fishing

Cindy Hunter

First Place Historic

1921 house

1921/2009 Cottage on College Pond

Ted Stevens

First Place Memorable Event

little girl in water

Splish Splashin╩╝

Amy Wilmot

2nd Place Animal


Always Vigilant E-Coyote

Bob Conway

2nd Place Plant


American Lady, Asters and Goldenrod

Bob Conway

2nd Place Landscape



Joseph Falconeiri

2nd Place Memorable Event

people bird watching

Bird Watchers

Ron Hunter

2nd Place Recreation

large mouth bass

3XL, 21 in, Large Mouth Bass

David Tringale

Third Place Animal

yellow butterfly

Tiger Swallowtail on Joe-PYe Weed

Bob Conway

Third Place Landscape

Sunset in Snow

Ron Hunter

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