Take Me Fishin' 2013!

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Friends of Myles Standish State Forest Take Me Fishin'! Highlights From Our Annual Community Fishing Events 2007 to 2013

The Fishing Derby for 2013 took place on Saturday, September 28th. Over 500 people joined us on a perfect day. Thanks should go to the DCR and MassWildlife, all of our generous sponsors and to all the volunteers who helped out.

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108 photos were posted on Meetup.

Callie and Jason fishing at Fearing Pond, Myles Standish State Forest Fishing Derby

Callie Donovan and her big brother Casey Andrade fishing at the Take Me Fishin'! Fishing Derby at Myles Standish State Forest, Sept. 29, 2012.

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Jason and Jason Jr. fishing at Myles Standish State Forest

Jason Nichols Jr. and Sr. enjoy fishing at Fearing Pond during the 2012 Fishing Derby.

Take Me Fishin' 2012!

The 6th Annual Take Me Fishin'! Fishing Derby
and Nature Appreciation Event has come and gone but our great volunteers area already preparing for next year!

The Friends of Myles Standish State Forest, the Department of Conservation & Recreation and Mass Wildlife want to thank all of the volunteers and sponsors that helped mate the 6th Annual Take Me Fishin'! free family event a great success.

Congratulations to the top winners of the 2012 Take Me Fishin'! fishing derby!

Jason Bonner (seven-years-old) - 14 1/2" rainbow trout

Jennifer Malaguti (14-years-old) - 14" rainbow trout

JT Nichols (24-years-old) - 13 3/4" rainbow trout

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we were able to award 27 prizes for fish ranging from a 14 1/2" rainbow trout to a 5 3/4" bass.

Fishing derby prizes and raffle items provided by the sponsors of Take Me Fishin'!

Many thanks to our Take Me Fishin'! partners:

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Take Me Fishin'! 2011

Please thank the FMSSF Fishing and Nature Appreciation event supporters on the Sponsors and Partners Page.
We couldn't do it without them!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make the memories happen!

Kurt's fish Fishing on Fearing Pond Taui's perch
Jake's fish Fish station Melissa's critters
Karen and Sam raffle time critters
turtle talk fish in bucket child with fish
Fish print Fearing Pond Fishing Derby family fishing

Take Me Fishin'! 2010

derby winnersPhoto by Glenn d'Entremont.

Here are some of the nineteen fishing derby prize winners lined up with hands outstretched to indicate the size of their winning fish. From left to right: Zac Murphey, 4th place; William Healy, 2nd place; Jacob Sanson, 1st place; Alexa Bierut and Caleb Bierut, 3rd place. In front is Abigale Lyttle, 5-years-old, who came in 9th place. First place winner, not shown, was Jacob Sanson, with 13 1/2" Rainbow Trout.

View 56 Photos from the 2010 Fishing Derby/Nature Event

Forest fishing derby, Carver Reporter, Oct 07, 2010

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Please thank the sponsors of the 2010 Fishing Event by considering them first! OUR SPONSORS

A message from Sharl Heller, President FMSSF

The 4th Annual Take Me Fishin'! Fishing Derby & Nature Event was another great success.

Nothing makes a fishing-derby volunteer happier than watching a child catch their first fish. And when you see the glow of pride on the faces of children coming forward to collect fishing derby prizes, the pleasure doubles. At this year’s Myles Standish State Forest (MSSF) fishing derby we were able to present 19 derby prizes to children who caught fish ranging from a 13 ½” rainbow trout to a 2” minnow. Now that’s a lot of happiness!

For me, this year’s most memorable moment happened when I overheard a boy of about 8-years-old call out repeatedly, “I can’t believe this is all free!” He “got” the message we hope to convey—Nature is wonderful and it’s free to enjoy!

But the fishing event isn’t really free. It takes many hours of hard work and many generous donors to put on a community event. In the case of a fishing derby/nature event, the work begins the day after the last event. The Friends of MSSF appreciate our partners at Mass Wildlife who are busy repairing the fishing poles they lend us and raising trout for next year’s derby. We also appreciate the MSSF staff, working now to provide the things we need such as picnic tables, BBQ's, safe roads and trails, and clean beaches.

I want to personally thank the following businesses and groups for their generous donations to the 4th Annual MSSF “free” Fishing Derby: Capt. John Deep Sea Fishing and Whale Watching; Plymouth Cruises Lobster Tales; Rod Builders Workshop and Fly Fishing Emporium; M & M Plimoth Bay Outfitters (6 Main St, Plymouth); Morrison’s Home and Garden; Eastern Mountain Sports, Shops at 5; Rock Bottom Seafood, Cedarville; Ross MacVicar, Chainsaw Artist; Denise Rachel, Lubdub Drums and Full Circle Youth Choir, The Mayflower Masonic Lodge, Middleboro; Super Stop & Shop; and Panera Bread, Shops at 5. We've been very fortunate to have sponsors in the business community who stick with us year after year. We ask you to return the favor and consider the businesses that support FMSSF first. And please, when you visit, let them know you appreciate their support of the Friends and of the MSSF.

I also want to thank the 32 volunteers who lent their time and talent providing a wonderful day of fishing and nature activities for more than 150 children and their families. While all of the volunteers deserve personal mention, I'd have to fill the entire page, so let me just point out those volunteers without whom, the fishing event wouldn't happen: Jim Nelson and Art Jennings, Fearing Pond Camp Association; Mass Fish and Wildlife Angler Education Volunteers Elizabeth Stromeyer, and Claude and Debora Holt; Southeast Mass Trout Unlimited members Peter Motyka and George Costello; Capt. John volunteer Ron Hunter; Friends MSSF Toad and Fairy Housing Specialist Melissa Guimont; Nik Pierce, Master of Fish Printing; Sue Nelson, Warmest Greeter in the World; and Thom Gifford,Does It All.

cub scouts Den 5 Carver

Special thanks also go to Irina Kadis, Alexey Zinovjev and the Cub Scouts from Carver Den 5, who, instead of fishing, spent the morning planting native plants at the MSSF Headquarters in recognition of National Public Lands Day.


New Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Law Now In Effect
Governor Patrick signed the new Off-Highway Vehicle Law. We now need a coordinated enforcement effort that includes a strong citizen component and interagency cooperation!

View the new Massachusetts Environmental Polilce Off-Highway, Recreation Vehicle and Snowmobile Update Brochure

See an OHV in MSSF? Call Park Watch 866-PK-WATCH. Rangers answer 24/7 and callers remain anonymous.

Friends of Myles Standish State Forest gratefully acknowledge our partners and sponsors—we couldn't do it without you! Thank you.

Please mention the FMSSF and thank the businesses and organizations that support the annual fishing event the next time you visit our partners:

Capt. John Boats

Capt. John Boats

Lobster Tales support Friends Myles Standish

Lobster Tales, Plymouth

Smitty Rod Builders Workshop & Fly Fishing Emporium

Rod Builders Workshop & Fly Fishing Emporium, Kingston


Plymouth Sunrise Rotary Club


Ross MacVicar

Ross MacVicar, Chainsaw artist, Plymouth



The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

mass wildlife

Mass Wildlife


Shaw's Markets, Cedarville

M & M Plimoth Bay Outfitters
6 Main Street
Plymouth, MA 02360-3329

Phone: (508) 747-6338


troutunlimitedTrout Unlimited


Dreamscape Landscaping Inc., North Attleboro


Take Me Fishin'! 2009Myles Standish State Forest fishing on beach 2009

Fishing along Fearing Pond shore 2009. Photo by Eric Heller.

Friends of Myles Standish State Forest’s 3rd Annual Take Me Fishin!' Community Fishing & Nature Event Report and Photos & 'Thank You' Note

Gone fishin’  Laurie Govoni Enos, GateHouse News Service
Posted Sep 29, 2009. View photos from Saturday's Take Me Fishin’ event.

Thom Gifford uploaded a video of the fishing event to his MobileMe Gallery and has invited everyone to take a look. Enjoy the movie! You can even download it! FMSSF Fishing Day 09 http://gallery.me.com/thomgiff/100074

Here is a link to Thom's photo gallery of the fishing event on MobileMe. You may view it and download it, courtesy of Thom Gifford: http://gallery.me.com/thomgiff#100082. Thanks Thom!


Take Me Fishin'! 2008

Friends MSSF Fishing Derby Winners 2008Derby winners braved pouring rain to participate in FMSSF's 2nd Annual Fishing Day.

Click here for more on the winners of the 2008 Fishing Derby!

Friends of Myles Standish State Forest Thanks Our Partners-Letter to Editor, 10/16/2008

Take Me Fishin'! 2007

Friends of Myles Standish State Forestfishin'girl  MSSF Smoky Bear

Young lady fisher and Smoky Bear both seemed to enjoy the 1st Annual Friends of Myles Standish State Forest fishing event.

Article about the 2007 Fishing Event: Here fishy, fishy, fishy!
by Casey Meserve - Plymouth Bulletin. To view online click here.
Wed. Sep 26, 2007

Friends of Myles Standish State Forest hosted a successful free community fishing event on September 29, 2007. We estimate that between 250 and 300 people showed up. Many volunteers worked all day, including several Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) workers, the DCR Southeast District Manager, Don Matinzi and his family among them) who came to the forest to help out even though it was their day off. A special thank you goes to DCR's John Dubois, who worked all day at the event before going to work all night at the forest.

Clearly, the event could not have taken place without the support of DCR and Mass Wildlife who encouraged the event, lent us the equipment, gave us worms and even stocked the pond with 600 trout, most of which are still there!

Several members from Trout Unlimited South East Mass, Fly Fishing Federation, and Mass Wildlife Anglers Education Volunteer Program helped make "Take Me Fishin'!" an educational experience for fisher people of all ages. Their expertise and gentle professionalism encouraged people to try something new.

Local businesses donated some wonderful items and so deserve our thanks.
Capt. John Boats donated two prizes for the fishing derby; a deep sea fishing trip for two and a whale watching trip for two. Capt. John Boats lent us so many things for the event, its impossible to name them all! We couldn't have set up all the nature activities and fishing stations without the help of Ronnie Hunter, who works for Capt. John Boats and a is very dedicated member of Friends of MSSF. Thank you Ronnie.

Lobster Tales donated two great prizes for the fishing derby; an Ice Cream Cruise or a Pirate Cruise for two. The winners had a hard time choosing between the two.

Shaw's market in Cedarville donated 300 freshly baked cookies, cases of juice boxes, a huge gift basket for the raffle and pumpkins for a free children's drawing and more.

Rod Builder's Workshop and Fly Fishing Emporium, Kingston donated a beautiful fly fishing rod, which the winner will select to fit his fishing style. Smitty, the owner of Rod Builders, saved the day by calling on his friends at TU to help out at the event.

M & M Plimoth Bay Outfitters, Plymouth, donated a sharp spin-casting rod and reel, worth well over $100. The winner looked quite pleased to have that!

Pro Figures, a new shop in Cedarville, donated a Red Sox collectable figure that generated a nice bit of income for our raffle and made one boy very happy. 

Krill Carson, a naturalist with Capt. John Boats and The New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance, carried the day with enjoyable activities that help teach children about the natural world. Krill donated a nifty hand held microscope for viewing aquatic critters and several children's books on insects, birds and wildlife. She and her crew spent the entire day with us. We couldn't be more grateful.

Smoky Bear (Kathy Singleton) worked the crowd too, handing out fire prevention kits to young people and sharing her concerns with adults. Ron Aseltine, Fire Warden District 2, brought Smoky in the fire truck with bells ringing and lights flashing. Ron wants us all to know how serious is the threat of out of control wildfires in Pine Barrens. He will speak at the next Friends of MSSF meeting on this topic so stay alert for the date and time of this important meeting.

Dunkin' Donuts in Wrentham supplied the coffee and donuts for hungry kids, their families and the volunteers, who really appreciated having a coffee break especially since the work day began at 7:00 AM. And thanks to Thom Gifford the coffee was already there when the workers arrived!

May I mention the help of Casey Meserve of Old Colony Memorial Newspapers? Without Casey's lively and well-written article previewing the event, there wouldn't have been much of a turnout. When we asked people how they heard about "Take Me Fishin'!" most said they saw the article on the front page of the "Bulletin". What a disappointment it would have been if, after all the work of the volunteers, the people did not show. Casey and OCM are important partners to FMSSF and we really appreciate the newspaper’s help in promoting our first community event and we really enjoyed seeing the great pictures Richard Archbold took during the event published in the Old Colony Memorial.

As you can see, "Take Me Fishin'!" was a huge collaborative effort but everyone, especially the volunteers, seemed to enjoy every minute. What a pleasure to see kids, some of who had never fished before, catch a fish. What a great day. See you next year!