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Friends of Myles Standish State Forest Meetup Group The Friends of Myles Standish State Forest listings are the best place to find up-to-date info on all our upcoming hikes, birding events and other activities in Myles Standish State Forest.

Our next meeting takes place Tuesday January 3rd. We have returned to the barn up the hill from the headquarters. We will also continue to broadcast our meeting via Zoom. Sign up on our Meetup site ( and we will provide you with the Zoom link for our meeting.

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What's going on in Myles Standish State Forest?

The Friends First Day Hike for 2023 is coming up soon (Jan 1st). We are planning to meet at headquarters again and if the weather cooperates we will have cocoa and a warming fire.

The Friends 15th Family Fishing Derby took place on Saturday September 24th at Fearing Pond.

Friends Fishing Derby Myles Standish

College Pond and Fearing Pond day use parking lots have closed for the season. A fee was not charged at College Pond parking for the last two years. However, the DCR has installed an automated ticketing machine to collect parking fees. They have been having trouble with getting wifi coverage at College Pond to make the automated machine work. Fearing Pond has an automated ticketing machine which was in use (except for Fishing Derby day). The fee requires a credit or debit card and is $8 per car for Massachusetts vehicles.

College Pond swimming beach

College Pond swimming.

Fearing Pond was stocked for trout in March and September this year (2022).

For 2022, camping started on May 12th and ran through October 9th. Visit to get your reservation for next year. 24 hour advance registrations are required. There are no walkups allowed!

Friends Special Meeting on March 9th was held to discuss the new Myles Standish Complex resource management plan

. The meeting was held at the barn up the hill from forest headquarters. (The barn is about 200 yards up Lower College Pond Road from headquarters.) Download the RMP draft. The Meeting was broadcast via Zoom.

Because of the length of the plan and the high number of priority recommendations, it will be extremely useful if people review the plan before-hand and come prepared to discuss specific comments on specific recommendations. The DCR is accepting public comments until March 23rd at:

Online Public Meeting for new MSSF management plan

An online public meeting was held on March 1st to discuss a draft management plan for the Myles Standish Complex, which includes Myles Standish State Forest along with a number of area DCR properties including Ellisville Harbor, Kingston State Forest, Scusset Beach, the Pilgrim Memorial and the National Monument to the Forefathers, along with other smaller properties. Slides from the presenation are available online. The DCR is accepting public comments until March 23rd at: (This means you can submit your own comments to the DCR.)

Annual Meeting was held at our January board meeting.

Our January monthly meeting served as the Friends' annual meeting. We reviewed our last year's activities, including the major trail work we did last spring, the manure pit we installed at the equestrian campground and current projects being developed including a reboot of the East Head Reservoir nature trail. Last month, the group approved serving as a charter organization for Carver Scouts.

We also reviewed our financial status (good) and had an election for directors. About half of our directors were up for reelection. (There is a two year term.)

Park Supervisor John Roberts has attended for the last several months to discuss the state of the forest in the wake of multiple large storms and the finish of the camping season.

Our monthly meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm. We have returned to meeting at the "barn" building up the hill from headquarters. If you have an item to bring before the board, please let us know ahead of time. (Write an email to at least a day before the meeting.)

We held our 14th Family Fishing Derby on September 25th, 2021 together with the help of many volunteers and representatives from Mass Wildlife and the DCR. The event was free. MassWildlife supplied over 100 fishing poles and tackle and offered free instruction to all. Morrison's donated nightcrawlers. The pond was too warm for stocking trout but many bass and small fish were caught. Fishing ran from 10:00am to 12:30pm with judging afterwards. Prizes were awarded for the biggest fish caught. Arts and crafts activities were offered for non-fishing kids.

We also held our annual photo contest, which like previous years, required photos to be taken in Myles Standish State Forest. Send your photos (limit 3) in normal photo file format (.jpg, etc.) to Send in your entries for 2022 by September 17th.

Friends 2021 Photo Contest awards were announced at our annual 2021 Fishing Derby.

5 photos were chosen by the judges as winners. The Friends thank everyone for their wonderful submissions and look forward to receiving your 2022 best photos from Myles Standish State Forest.

We have been offering group hiking again on Thursdays and on some weekend days and had a half dozen trail maintenance days in the forest last year. This year, we did major clearing of a long neglected trail called the Larch Trail. It is named after a solirary larch tree that stands near the corner of Upper College Pond Road and Halfway Pond Road. The trail was cleared using a rental dingo machine that speedily cleared growth from the trail. Volunteers worked with the DCR to complete the clearing.

We did a lot of work to restore the trail bed of the Pine Barrens Path and the Charge Pond Loop, which were severely disrupted by the Pine Barrens Restoration Project. Additional work was done to smooth out the trail bed for the trails running out of the Equestrian Parking Lot (near Barrett Pond.)

College Pond swimming beach

College Pond swimming.

The park supervisor reminds everyone to maintain social distancing when visiting the park. We hope you will have a chance to visit the park. Try some of our Favorite Trails:

Favorite Trails

Friends 2019 Photo Contest awards were announced at our annual 2019 Fishing Derby.

11 photos were chosen by the judges as winners. The Friends thank everyone for their wonderful submissions and look forward to receiving your 2020 best photos from Myles Standish State Forest.

Our 2020 First Day Hike

took place on January 1st. We had about 125 people join us this year for our First Day Hike. Many people stayed to enjoy our cocoa and warming fire.

Hunting season

On December 31st, primitive arms season for deer ended. We note, however, that there are other hunting seasons during the year. No hunting on Sundays. Wearing blaze orange makes you visible to hunters. (Hunting season summary info from MassWildlife.)

The Friends, a dozen volunteers from the New England Aquarium and the DCR helped to clear downed trees and brush back the west side of the East Head Reservoir trail on November 3rd. The East Head trail was busy with hikers on this spectacular day on the most used trail in the forest. The 2.5 mile trail starts at park headquarters. (See "Favorite Trails")

sign recognizing the Friends along trail

The Friends 13th Annual Family Fishing Derby was held on Saturday September 28th, 2019. 322 young fishermen and women registered with their families.

2019 Fishing Derby winner

The Friends would like to thank all the many volunteers and sponsors that helped to make the day so much fun.

fishing derby flyer

frog in a log
Hello there! Photo by Kathleen O'Donnell.
eagle with fish
Eagle with Dinner. Photo by Steve Nikola.
display of photos
Winners were displayed at 2019 Fishing Derby
  • 2018 Boardwalk Repairs sign

    . Thank you for your support in getting the repairs done!
  • Public Meeting on Pine Barrens Restoration plan was held on December 5th at 5pm

    DCR has announced a 10 year plan to treat 1,109 acres of forest land in the southern part of Myles Standish. This will involve cutting down white pines, thinning pitch pine density (by cutting), burning, mechanical clearing, etc. in areas surrounding Charge Pond and Fearing Pond, the Camp Cachalot easement and MassWildlife areas outside the forest. The campgrounds will not be closed. Trails may be closed while work is going on.

    A map of the proposed sections was published by the DCR. The area to be treated includes several MassWildlife areas outside the forest. The plan is to treat sections in the order shown on the map. Two areas have already been cut.

    The full 10 year pine barrens restoration proposal is viewable on the DCR website.

    The Pine Barrens Restoration Plan is under way.

    Two large areas were cut back this spring west of Charge Pond's campgound B and southeast of Harlow Brook.

  • Friends 2018 Photo Contest Winners Announced

    2018 Photo Contest Winners. 8 winning photos were chosen by judges from 19 entries. The photos were enlarged and displayed at the Fishing Derby.

    path lined with tall pines in Myles Standish SF
    The Path of Magic. Photo by Kelly Jones.
    Location- Healthy Heart Trail (East Head Reservoir) Winner-Landscape
    Jewel of the Forest. Photo by Justin Liebeskind.
    Image of tiger beetle taken on Bentley Loop. Winner-Fauna
    young kayaker in Barrett Pond
    First solo. Photo by Kathleen O'Donnell.
    Taken at Barrett Pond. Winner-Recreation
    "Mushroom Family". Photo by Kathleen O'Donnell.
    Taken at Barrett Pond. Winner-Flora
    stumps in pond mist
    "Early morning on Barrett Pond". Photo by Kathleen O'Donnell.
    turtles in Myles Standish State Forest
    Turtle Time. Photo by Jeanne Lesperance.
    Taken off Lower College Pond Road. Winner-Fauna
    pine warbler
    Pine Warbler. Photo by Jeanne Lesperance.
    Taken off Lower College Pond Road. Winner-Fauna
    tree with multiple Elmo dolls attached
    Elmos Tree. Photo by Betsy Hall.
    Taken off Bentley Loop. Winner-Memorable Event

    Boardwalk Repairs Complete!

    The Friends are very proud to report that repairs on the two East Head boardwalks totaling more than a football field in length have been completed after a total of 9 working days led by Roger Janson, Thom Gifford and John Bescherer

    thom and roger work on boardwalk AMC volunteer Dexter helps with boardwalk Len helps at AMC Open House picture of East Head boardwalk after re-decking Group finishing boardwalk repairs

    We started cutting up wood on April 9th and were able to lay the first boards on April 11th. With the help of AMC's Open House, great progress was made on the first boardwalk on April 14th and completed on April 17th. We started work on the second boardwalk on April 21st and made a lot of progress on Park Serve Day (April 28th). Work was completed on May 2nd. This is the biggest project ever completed by the Friends, using over $3,400 of your donations to purchase lumber and fasteners. We hope that it will last for many, many years.

    East Head Reservoir boardwalk

    Boardwalks Project Background

    The Friends were approved in December 2017 for a DCR Partnership Matching Funds to help rebuild two boardwalks near the north end of the East Head Reservoir. A little more than half of the 438 boards were in poor condition. A few were missing. Our proposal hoped to replace the entire top deck with pressure treated boards designed to last a long time. We anticipated spending about $2,000 and receiving a 2:1 match from the state.

    After receiving the matching funds award, we spoke with Plymouth Cable News (PACTV) in February 2018 about the project -

    We received approval from Plymouth conservation commission to use the pressure-treated lumber. However. after we received approval from the town, the DCR decided that since it doesn't actually own the reservoir or the land that surrounds it, it couldn't financially support the project. We decided to proceed on our own. After we obtained permission from the land owner, and the snow melted, we started the project.

    We needed a lot of help to make this happen and want to thank everybody who came out and helped.boardwalk repair

    Changes in dog leashing and waste collection for wildlife management areas

    The proposed changes were the subject of a public meeting at Mass Wildlife headquarters on Tueday, February 6th, 2018. Since there are are two large wildlife management areas within Myles Standish SF (the Bentley Loop area and the Cutterfields Road area) and there are others bordering the state forest, the discussion was an important one. At its March 14th meeting, MassWildlife's board approved the new regulations with some major revisions reflecting the public comments it had received:

      Approved Wildlife Management Area Dog regulations
    • Dogs must be physically leashed at all times unless they are actively used in hunting or hunting training
    • All dog waste must be picked up within parking areas and within 100 feet of parking areas. Regulation applies to hunters and non-hunters.

    A proposed prohibition of letting dogs interfere with other users' use or enjoyment of the WMA was scrapped as "too vague and hard to enforce."

    The DCR does allow off-leash dog areas in many of its parks. The Friends will continue to advocate for the establishment of such areas within Myles Standish State Forest.

    The Friends (normally) host a lot of hikes, bird walks, stargazing nights and other activities in the forest. The Friends of Myles Standish State Forest listings are the best place to find up-to-date info on all our upcoming volunteer-led hikes, birding events and other activities in Myles Standish State Forest.

    Find DCR events in Myles Standish State Forest with their new DCR event listings search.

    We hope you checked out the new ornament on the Communitree in downtown Plymouth.

    communitreefriends of mssf logo ornament

    Thanks to Cyndi Vickstrom and Karl Lekberg for the beautiful work!

    frog in a log
    Hello there! Photo by Kathleen O'Donnell.
    eagle with fish
    Eagle with Dinner. Photo by Steve Nikola.


    Friends hike in Myles Standish State Forest

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    Annual membership is only $10 for an individual. More details about membership are available on our Membership page You can mail your contribution or use the PayPal Donate button below to join online.


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    Friends of Myles Standish State Forest Meetup Group The Friends of Myles Standish State Forest listings are the best place to find up-to-date info on all our upcoming hikes, birding events and other activities in Myles Standish State Forest.

    Myles Standish State Forest map available at headquarters.

    A beautiful new map of the forest was published in 2016 and is available for free at headquarters. Here is a scan of the map. MSSF trails map Download a printable PDF copy of the Myles Standish map.

    Check out some of our favorite trails!

    Friends Hats

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    The Friends are selling caps with the Friends logo. You can purchase one of these hats at many Friends events. These hats are now also available for order online blaze orange hat(Note: Blaze orange hats are now back in stock.).

    No hunting is allowed on Sundays.

    According to this 2014 article from the Star Tribune (Minnesota) , "Massachusetts has nation's toughest ATV law." In a recent presentation to the DCR Stewardship Council by an Environmental Police Officer, Plymouth and Carver were shown to be the leading sources (#1 and #2) of calls to the Massachusetts Environmental Police with complaints about illegal riding. Your calls have been noticed and the many visits of EPO's to MSSF over the fall were credited to the calls. (Numbers for reporting OHV's in the park)

    It's tick season! (It's always tick season.) Find out more about ticks and what you can do to protect yourself and your pets at the University of Rhode Island's Tick Encounter Center You can:

    • Learn how to make your clothes tick repellent.
    • How to remove ticks.
    • How to treat your yard for ticks.
    • Get your ticks tested. A $50 mail-in test performed by UMass Amherst will quickly tell you if the ticks you find are infected.
    • Identify ticks.

    The bluebird boxes went up in May. The boxes are filling up quickly!

    The new map mural was put on display next to the Park's Interpretive Center.MSSF map mural The map was commissioned by the Friends and the DCR from local artist Laura Anzalone.

    New Treatment Facility for Addicts opened at site of former MCI Plymouth in May 2017

    In early May, patients were transferred in to a new treatment facility for substance abusers and alcoholics at the site of the former MCI Plymouth, which is located within the state forest off Circuit Drive. MASAC Plymouth at Myles Standish State ForestIt is called MASAC (Massachusetts Alcoholic and Substance Abuse Center) at Plymouth. Some of them (17 at last count) have been leaving the facility without permission and have had to be returned by law enforcement. The patients have been committed by the Courts to the facility under Section 35, which explains that those committed to the facility are judged by a Court to have a subtance abuse problem which is causing them to pose a danger to themselves or others. MCI Plymouth existed for about 75 years in the forest using the same facilities and had no escape problems that we were ever aware of. Friends President Bill Vickstrom spoke to the media about the Friends' concerns.

    We hosted the Deputy Commissioner from the Corrections Department at both our June and July meetings. In June, he apologized for the problem and explained how "elopements" from other substance abuse facilities are handled around the state. He told the assembled group about the State's reaction to the "elopements" and how an 8 foot fence topped with barbed wire will be in place around the residential area by the end of June with additional fencing in place by the end of August around the recreational areas. He said that a tactical team is now available for rapid recapture. Many attendees demanded that the State provide better notification of escapes through the use of the reverse 911 systems available in Carver and Plymouth and asked that the State provide better cell coverage in the forest so that users of the forest would be aware when a problem occurs. They also asked that if these are "patients" and not convicted criminals, the response be moderated and stated that the state's SWAT team response with assault rifles drawn and dogs and helicopters had made park users feel threatened.

    As of June 30th, the new fencing was visible, as was the enhanced security around the site. The Deputy Commissioner provided an update at our July 2018 meeting. Fencing is now complete around two of the residential buildings. Guards continue to be stationed around the perimeter. There were no additional "elopements" in June. We reiterated our requests for an improved notification system, suggesting that temporary cell tower might provide the ability to notify park users who are currently off the grid while in the forest.

    The 2017 Friends Annual Meeting took place on Thursday May 18th at the Carver Sportsmens Club. This year we had Doug Lowry, a teacher and naturalist with Audubon and Senior Staff at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) as our guest speaker. Karl Pastore from the DCR also addressed attendees. Two new members were elected to the Friends' Board- Christie Lawyer and Derek Welch. Two other members were reeelected to new two year terms- Thom Gifford and Jim Nelson. John Bescherer was recognized as "Volunteer of the Year".

    The Friends have had several days working on the trails already this year- In particular, we worked along the Pine Barrens Path (a north-south trail running all the way from Charge Pond to the East Entrance). Signs have been going up trail sign MSSF About a mile of the Pine Barrens Path trail has been brushed back with equipment authorized by the DCR.

  • 4th Annual Pinefest sponsored by the Pine Barrens Alliance took place on Saturday May 20th. Another great day was had by all.

    • The 10th Anniversary Meeting of the Friends took place on May 3rd, 2017. Read a news report about the initial meeting. About a dozen people managed to join us and talk with us about the Friends accomplishments over the last 10 years and help us think about our goals going forward, in spite of the closing of the forest that night owed to unforeseen circumstances.

    • Park Serve Day 2017 took place on Saturday April 29th. Park Serve Day is DCR's annual day inviting the public to help beautify the park we love so much. About 35 people joined us for a morning of work. A group of students from Rising Tides Charter cleaned up around headquarters while other Friends cleared the Charge Pond Pavilion and beach. Then all returned to the headquarters for a cookout sponsored by the Friends.

      Park Serve Day 2017
    • Park Visitor Services Supervisor Dan Byrnes will return.dan byrnes leads He led several months of very popular oaf park-sponsored events posted on the state's DCR events site. We bumped into him up in Boston and he anticipated coming back again in 2018.